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corporate events

Our service is addressed to all companies wishing to offer their employees a healthy and fresh meal delivered on site. Our Tortillas are the ideal dish to share as a team, during corporate events, or on long meeting days. Whether it is for lunch, dinner, or as appetizer, our Tortillas will offer a delicious moment of sharing to your collaborators and make the day even more productive.
We adapt to your needs and offer flexible services. Fill in our form to contact us or request a quote.

Private events

Are you planning a dinner with friends and/or family or an event and are looking for a tasty and easy to share dish? 

Let us surprise you with our delicious Tortillas which will sublimate all your festive meals and will make you spend a pleasant moment in good company. 
Contact us through the form or send us your special enquires by email.
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Get in touch

Puntos Cheese

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